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iconcrush's Journal

Icon Crush
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A journal for graphics (mainly icons!) and resources.
You've stumbled across Iconcrush, a graphics journal devoted mainly to icons (hence the name :D), though from time to time I may include other graphics and resources for you to use. - yorokobi
FRIENDS Membership of this community has been disabled, but feel free to watch it instead by adding it to your friends.

CREDIT I don't want to say that credit is absolutely essential, but I would appreciate a link back to this journal at least. If you're unsure of how to do that, there's a tutorial here. NO ONE is to outrightly claim that any of the graphics posted here are made by anyone other than myself. If I find people are re-uploading the icons in other journals/communities then I will be forced to change this to a friends only community with screened membership.. and I don't want that to happen.

COMMENTS Comments are always great, not quite as important as crediting but I appreciate them nonetheless. They let me know what kind of icons/fandoms are popular so I can make more of those.

EDITING I'd rather you didn't edit any of my graphics extensively, adding text is fine but anything other than that I'd like to be told before you go ahead with it. The icons here are not bases unless specified.

SEARCHING To find a particular icon or graphic you're looking for, here's where the tags come into being incredibly useful. You can find everything organised by categories here.

AFFILIATES I'm currently looking for affiliates, if you're interested check this entry for more information. I would prefer it if we had something in common, like similar interests.
Check out my resources entry for a full list of everything I use to create my graphics.
Main journal layout by minty_peach, tweaked a little by me.