#1 - 69 icons

Anime/Manga: BSSM (#1-22)
Music: Shiina Ringo/Tokyo Jihen (#23-28), GO!GO!7188 (#29), Ootsuka Ai (#30-31), UKI/SHAKALABBITS (#32-38), YUKI (#39-50).
Videogames: Earthbound/Mother (#51-69)


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I'd love to know what you think, I know they won't all be to everyone's tastes. For anyone wondering, I worked on these for about a week or so using PSP X2. This is my first time running a graphics journal so I'm still quite new to things.

If you take any icons please make sure to credit iconcrush, thanks. <3

F - A - Q

Planning to work on this as I go along.

How do I credit?
1. Upload your userpic
2. In the 'comment' box, add the code as shown below exactly as it is.



Here's a whole bunch of links to resources I've used to make my graphics. Hopefully I've got the majority of them listed, but if anyone notices I use something that's obviously yours and I haven't credited it, please let me know and I'll be happy to add it!

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